Sunday, May 3, 2009 , 3:01 PM
The Sims 3

I'm just so excited for the Sims 3 that I've decided to change Oh The Nuisance forum to a Sims-forum instead. I'm back in Stardoll although I'm not so SD-obsessed anymore... that passed a looong time ago.
Anyway, head over to the forum and join the conversation.

(I have not yet decided wether to just end this blog or continue.)
Random fact: This is the 101 post;)

Monday, March 30, 2009 , 4:44 PM
No we are NOT hackers

I've just read a post dating back to the 6th of March at Stardoll with lipstick On, written by Vamplady.
She wrote:
For the end, here are some of 'safety tips'
1. DO NOT even visit any site which has extension is NOT a site, it's a free url redirection and I've been using it since 2005 with other sites I've had. is hosted by BLOGSPOT.
So instead of having (WHICH IS WAAAAAAAAAAAY TOO LONG) I've changed the url to which is of course much much much shorter.
So advising people NOT to visit ANY site is wrong.
These so called hackers are using sites like pizco and freewebs but hiding it behind (which is of course wrong.) But then again, people on Stardoll are usually girls between the ages of 12-16. It's hard to "hack" someone, but it's easier to get the passwords. So ALL these "free-superstar" sites (all these low-lifes) are depending on some idiot to give them their passwords. Most of these people aren't "hackers" decoding Stardolls system.

Summary: NOT all are hacking sites.
It seems like every low-life in Stardoll are now using for evil reasons, not for convenience like it's intended to be.

Other than that follow the simple tips provided in her post. Actually, EVERYONE has been yapping about it. DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PASSWORD TO ANYONE.

Just wanted to say it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 , 1:42 PM

No, I won't be leaving Stardoll FOREVER but I will be taking a break. (Unlike some people who claims they're quitting Stardoll but only last for a day..)
I'll have someone to log in for me everyday (to get the 1 SD/day) but that's about it.
You're welcome to send msgs or sign my guestbook but I won't be reading them until May.
Stardoll has been crawling with ungrateful bitches and I'm tired of it. You try to make something that hopefully will entertain people etc. but you get negative comments from little 10 year olds. "Oh it's boring" "it's whatever..." "you're a bitch" etc.... my question is.... Can you really do better? No. I don't think so.
I think a lot of you have been experiencing loads of negativity in Stardoll. I thought Stardoll was a place where you can take a little break from "real-life". Where you can share your interests etc.
Was I wrong! Stardoll is a popularity contest (which I think is pretty lame considering its a VIRTUAL world), a place for mean little bitches to spew their negativity.

The magazine too will take a break and so will this blog. The magazine has been a total pain in the ass. The process of making an issue is pretty horrible. You set a deadline and you wait and wait and wait for all the reporters to send you an article. And usually only 10% of the reporters actually send in something.
I'm not saying ALL our reporters where inconsistent. We have those few who actually sent in something every month (you guys know who you are) and we THANK YOU so much!

Anyway, like I said before. This blog will also be taking a break, but I will be monitoring the chatbox. I don't want any spam.

If you want to talk to me you can find me here (you'll have to make an account):
Goodbye, Farewell, Sayonara, Arriverderci, Adiós, Au Revoir and Adieu.

Thursday, March 19, 2009 , 2:05 PM
This is the most funniest thing ever...

BTW Its NOT real!

, 1:42 PM
Ooh la la!

A new "special" offer from Stardoll. I'm so shocked *gasps*. Yes, I'm being sarcastic. But the outfit is marvelous isn't it? Very posh-like.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 , 5:03 PM
Stardoll is getting greedy? ( I can just here you say ' No, Duh!!! ' )

Well, I was on Google Blog search and I typed in stardoll, expecting many, many, many posts from stardoll blogs.

What I got instead, was different. A LOT different.

It was all about stardoll acquiring piczo, the very popular make-your-own-very-crap-quick-site.

It was going down in popularity etc. etc. said the blog, and then came the shocker, that stardoll had bought it.

A mere 24 hours later, when I happen to access the bottom of the page to access the cinema, I saw this, a thing that had most defiantly NOT been there before.

( Sorry for the bad image, I shall have to get a new print screen program, any suggestions? )

So, yes.

They are advertising piczo now, and remember when everyone had a piczo, and they posted it in their starblog and it was eg.


Note the ! instead of an ' i ' ?

I wonder shall stardoll unblock it now it is their thing...

Yes, oh yes, so THAT is where stardoll is investing.

Piczo members will be leaving in their thousands...

, 4:44 PM
We shall NOT need an Antidote to these!

Guess what?
Antidote was released!

Prices are not as sky-high as LE but, a tenner for fake socks...?
You can get furniture as well. There are really cool prints ^^^ and the icon that costs 25$ {OUCH!} moves too!
If only I was not a nonsuperstar too, I may buy something! Also, there is boys stuff too! Wow, now THAT was un-expected!

And I think I was second person to post about this and the first who knew what it was LOL =]

Also, I am sorry for the bad images, I was in a rush!

As my cheesy title implies, we may not need an Antidote to these Antidotes!

, 8:51 AM

Preview for the new Antidote is now up at the magazine!
I must say, I am disappointed (no I'm never happy...) The only thing I actually like is the skirt. The jeans looks like something I wore back in 2001. The t-shirts are so... I dunno... UNORIGINAL? And the light blue dress? OMG! It's so ugly! Seems like something a hooker would wear.
A short and simple post cause I really have to go to school now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 , 4:07 PM
Stardoll wishes you a Happy St.Patrick's day

It looks like stardoll killed their brains to give us some St.Patrick's day stuff.They're all in the Starplaza so make sure that you get what you like as soon as possible.After all ,
St Patrick's day is only once a year.

Here's a pic of what's in the plaza waiting for you ;)

They're not expensive , but they're not free.They're for everyone ,not only superstars , and I guess that makes us reaaally happy.

But let's not forget the spoilers that've been surfing around now and then about this new shop called antidote.

Stardoll , we're still waiting for it!

Until then :

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!



Monday, March 16, 2009 , 7:15 PM
Feeling like rebeling?

Then check out this fab. blog by MollyMasquerade.
It's perfect for people who like to break the rules with their outfits and make-up, and create unique looks for you...

, 10:46 AM
Oops, they did it again...

Ah, yes...

Britney Spears...

No, this post is not about Britney, although it could well turn into one.

Its about one thing that stardoll does regularly, hence, quote above.

Its a little something called 'Re-releasing.'

Oops, they did it again.

Though it probably not 'Oops' more, than likely it is

' Hmm I am just too lazy to bother with making new items before my coffee break, so I shall just flick through the old stuff and give the little children of stardoll so old crappy stuff that was only 2 dollars before, and set them price for... hmm... 5 stardollars? Yes... that shall do nicely. Now, where is my coffee mug...?'

A picture says a thousand words.

Yes, oh yes...
Heidi Klum.

Sunday, March 15, 2009 , 4:08 PM
Go Green?

I don't think so! We all know by now that Stardoll celebrates all sorts of holidays... The October Fest, 4th of July (The United States Declaration of Independence ), Chinese New Year and now Saint Patrick's Day.
But c'mon Stardoll these items are dreadful (and some are re-releases. Which we HATE.)
You'd think Stardoll would give us something amazing for this special occasion (for some) but no.
Stardoll should get their creative juices flowing.
The White/Black thing was nothing spectacular either...
Btw, as you maybe have noticed... we have 3 new writers! Now THAT's something to celebrate about;)

, 12:44 PM

Hello guys.I'm Beatrix.Luna but almost everybody calls me Bella.I am new to this blog as well as Silverbear , which I'd like to congratulate for making it into the blog.
Way to go!
And now , back on the post.
Before I would go on and post on any blog , I would firstly check out what's been happening lately, and so I did on here.
I've seen the lack of activity around and the comments of the fans that miss the old days of the blog.
I just wanna say that I totally understand you guys, only that when school's homework and stardoll's dullness mix up , the blogs just get a bit duller as well.
But I promise that we'll struggle to change this and to get this blog active again.
That's all for now.
No gossip at the moment.


, 11:30 AM
Find the offices of...

I guess this is not a very interesting post, but...It is stardoll's office...

Just type

Hudiksvallsgatan 8
S 113 30 Stockholm

Into Google Earth and you can find it.
If you have a faster internt connection and see the image clearer, could you take a screenshot and give me the link in the comments box?

Ok... boring post, I know...

But stardoll is boring..

Jellytots =]

, 11:01 AM
Im here!

I guess you don't know me, so let me introduce myself!

I'm silverbear, more commonly known as Versy or Jellytots.That's me =]

As you may have noticed, I'm not very good at writing intro's, so I'll leave it at here.

Hope I'm OK at writing for this blog...

And please wish Littlemisssis a happy birthday! She is 10 today!

Monday, March 9, 2009 , 9:53 AM
So Sorry So Sorry So Sorry So Sorry So Sorry So Sorry

I'm so sorry for not updating the blog. It's just that I've been busy and spending most of my time at *wink* *wink*

Stardoll isn't that much fun anymore... the other day I was searching for a dress to buy and guess what? There were ONLY 8 dresses available for non-superstars out of 135... that is a HUGE difference. If you're tired of me bitching about how non-Superstars get so little it's because it's true and stop visiting this blog. Easy.

And to be honest... it isn't really that much fun blogging when very few people comment... No I'm not fishing for comments... actually I AM. If you find anything remotely interesting we want to hear/read your opinions. Comments makes bloggers motivated.

My last post about this girl stealing images from Eternity and creating her own magazine didn't even get a single comment, while other blogs posting about how they ate fried chicken for breakfast this morning gets 15 comments. OK, yes I'm exaggerating but you get my drift right?

Oh btw... the "Shoutbox" isn't for commenting ON POSTS. That's the "Comment forms" job;)

Anyway I guess we need new writers cause 3 writers isn't enough to keep the blog active. Enough. This time, it doesn't matter who you are or if you write for any other blogs.

What matters is that you like to write, know how to use spell check and is Stardoll-active.

Can you smell the desperation?

Anyway, like I told you before I'm usually here if you need something you can get ahold of me there. Or in Stardoll.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009 , 2:08 PM
Happy Birthday *Sweet_Love*!

Just wanted to greet *Sweet_Love* a happy birthday!!

From: Hockey-girl91

Monday, March 2, 2009 , 2:41 PM
Stealing is the most sincere form of flattery?

I sure as hell don't think so. I get so annoyed when people say... "oh don't worry, it's just a picture, stealing is the most sincere form of flattery." WTF?! First of all, for some people it's not "just a picture", you've spent your precious time making it, while the copier just right clicks and copies it. No it's not JUST A PICTURE. "Stealing is the most sincere form of flattery"... that's just an excuse for people to steal, to make it "OK".
When people steal/copies stuff from me, I don't take it as a "compliment", I think people who had their stuff copied before doesn't either take it that way.
Anyhoooo.... Someone told me about this girl who had copied an image from Eternity Mag. and made it to her "own".
I doubt she asked the Eternity staff for permission to use it. She even wrote at the editors letter that the Covergirl is "Evelina" a person she saw greatness and spirit in. What a load of crock.
Shame on you... She's another person you should be throwing rocks at. Want to see her mag?


Not So Original

Sunday, March 1, 2009 , 8:35 PM
All Done!!!!

I'm really tired right now, just spent my whole weekend fixing the site and the forum up (pathetic right?) and I have no energy to write anymore than I have to.
Just take a look at this. It has all the explanation that you need.

Join the forum aswell here. The discussion boards at Stardoll sucks ass...
You won't regret it. We need moderators aswell... check the forum for more info.

Can the S4A mag. reporters and OTN writers please tell me your username on the site so I can add an extra "tag" on your profile.
If your username is the same as the one you have in Stardoll, even better but I need to know that it's really YOU, not an imposture.

If there is anything wrong with the site please inform me right away.
OK, now I'm off to watch "Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed" or as we like to call it "The magic-man."

Bye now! Hope to see you in the forum. Oh btw. Oh The Nuisance now has a club:

Monday, February 23, 2009 , 7:07 PM

Yupp yupp!

Saturday, February 21, 2009 , 7:08 PM
POP Art . . .

The new idea of a fashion line from stardoll is POP Art! I think the theme and idea of it is great but they could have done SO much better with the items of clothing that came into this collection. The Plastic Dog really brings out the pop art theme but some others just really don't fit in. ( I know this because I am currently studying Pop Art in my art classes!)

The wideleg trousers really don't mix in with the collection. If there is ever a Hippy collection these are sure to make the cut.

The scrunched baloon dress ONLY looks like a Pop Art creation with the red belt is has been customized with.

I also can't see how the Batman costume is ANYTHING to do with Pop Art. Halloween is back ... 8 months early!

I can see however, how the Super Herona Dress fits in. The colour is striking and when I see it I think Pop Art!

Well done for the idea Stardoll but maybe you could have researched a wee bit more

Just to finish off, I need to apologize for not posting in way too long. trust me, it is hard to write when the thing you are writing about is just so UNinteresting!


Casey xx

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 , 3:42 PM
Same dress, different prices...

If someone wanted to buy this item, which one do you think they'll choose? The one that costs 9 Stardollars or the exact identical one but for a cheaper price?
It's probably just a glitch cause the names are different... But still.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 , 2:30 PM
No posts?

The last post was posted 7 days ago? That was a week ago. What the hell just happened? I don't know about Erik & Casey but I've been very very very bored with Stardoll. There's practically nothing to do! Plus, my stupid PS stopped working. Boo.

I've spent my Spring break watching old Gilmore Girls episode and Hells Kitchen, being lazy, tried to read a book, played chess with my little bro (he won both times), target practice with a soft air gun in the hallway (not a good idea. Those bullets will bounce back at you!) watched Blades of Glory 4-5 times, amongst other stuff. Basically, a very uneventful week.
Now that the break is over it's back to the daily routine (not the weekend though, that's a different story). Wake up, get dressed, eat, catch the bus, catch the tram, arrive at school, school work, catch the tram, catch the bus, home sweet home, eat, surf the web/watch tv (Judge Judy at 18:30, Dr Phil at 19:00 two weekday shows that we almost never miss. Although Dr Phil is an a-hole, some topics are very interesting) watch tv some more and go to bed. In the circle of life!!!! It's the wheel of fortune!!! It's the leap of faith!!! OK, I'll stop quoting the oh-so-catchy song. The Lion King forever!!!

Oh and more posts to come... I'm sure;)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 , 6:30 PM
Stardoll did it again...

A new writer and guess who it is? Model-Selena.
Hhhhmmm... I wonder what Stardoll is up to. I find it kinda fishy... Or maybe not.
Ugh I don't know... My brain isn't just working today.

, 5:15 PM
The Little Pink Shop . . .

A new shop in the Starplaza... unfortunately they have just used onld items with a sprinkle of new one's and valentine's magic! The shop is themed around Valentine's day * there's a shocker!* and for the first time in....... let's just say a while!...... I am pleased with stardoll * now that is a shock!* yes, the little bears are just adorable! Gosh, a 15 year old should so not be saying that! You've done me proud Stardoll!

It feels awfully nice to be able to say something good about stardoll! Btw, hello to our new writer! Amazing first post I thought! Sorry, as I am writing this your name has dissappeared from my mind so apologies to you!

Well That's it for now My Friends!

Casey x

Monday, February 9, 2009 , 9:49 PM

Hello everyone! Yep, you saw it right: There's a new writer at Oh the Nuisance. I am Erik, also known as Fashion.Fantasy on stardoll. I am really happy that I was chosen to be the new writer, and I will do my very best to keep you updated.

Also, today there was a new post from Singingmermaid in the stardoll magazine. It is about the winner of the competition she held. Dont know what I am talking about? Don't worry, I'll explain. Something like a week ago she made a post about The paris Couture Shows. She showed pictures. and at the end of the post there was this: "I would like you to join me in a Stardoll Couture Guestbook Party on Saturday 31st January. Dress your medoll up in a look inspired by either the new Chanel, Dior or Givenchy show. Save your medoll, then let me know in my gb, which will be open for 1 hour starting from 9pm GMT (4pm for users in the USA)
My top 5 best outfits will be featured in a Stardoll official blog, which means thousands of people visiting your suite!! Remember to use all your creativity and look to the minishop for possible items you could use.Let’s bring Couture to Stardoll. Let’s Create!!"
And today she announced the winners! I am really happy for one of my good friends Clare/Cltreanor, as she is the big winner. This is what Singingmermaid said: "When I came across this page I couldn't believe my eyes.
Cltreanor has not only created the most fabulous couture gown (and 2 other possibilities), she had gone and built an entire runway too! For sheer effort alone, I think she deserves Top Prize. However, the detailing in her gown is exquisite, right down to the floral petticoat. Congratulations on being the WINNER! Please contact me in my GB, to recieve your Prize."

This is the dress that Clare designed:

The other 4 winner, that did not get a real prize, were:
Audreyhep4, Singinmermaid said: "This simple Chanel creation was my personal fave. Audreyhep4, captured the shape and silhouette of the outfit perfectly. The boxy shoulders look structured and very modern. All this from a few table cloths. Also, I love the diagonal plate she used as a hat. SIMPLE YET STUNNING"
Pink-Penquin3, Singingmermaid said: "I really loved this floor length creation. Pink-Penguin actually tried to recreate the dress ANNA WINTOUR wore to the Superhero's Costume Institute Gala last year. I thought I fitted in beautifully with the Chanel couture show to.. Her attention to detail is superb. Capturing the scroll shaped pockets, pinstripe beading and those wild puffy shoulders. Oh, did I mention she also added the famous Wintour bob and stoney stare!! ELEGANT AND UNAFRAID"
Melissa54321, Singingmermaid said: "MELISSA54321 Chose this pretty fully skirted Chanel as her outfit. I can almost feel the softness of the chiffon as she cature the delicate ruffle so well. Top marks for the neck detailing and the headwear. Perfect shape, styling and extra marks for setting the scene with front row seats. SOFT AND SO FEMININE"
AYFAIRY, Singingmermaid said: "WIth Lady Gaga running around in her underwear (in the freezing snow!!), I had to give the thumbs up for this seductive barely-there outfit from the Givenchy Couture show. It is a daring choice but It has paid off for Ayfairy. I love the cape. The little shorts are made from tiny christmas baubles, you've gotta love that. CHEEKY BUT CHIC."
Thats it for now, I hope you enjoyed my first post.

, 7:04 PM
A celeb logo?!? + New gifts!

Ok, this logo is quite new right? Cause I don't remember the Hannah-Montana club ever having a logo. (Or maybe I'm mistaken...?)
I thought it was against Stardolls strict rules?
I know that clubs that had celeb logos uploaded before those rules were set still has the logos...(Ok, a very twisted sentence.. but you get what I mean right?)
So what..? The Hannah-Montana club gets extra special treatments cause it's a huge club or what?
Please correct me if I'm wrong..

OMG! I can't wait! New gifts?! They look so adorable!

, 9:38 AM
A Huge Giant Feather Anyone?

Stardoll has been quite boring lately and I have only logged in to get my 1 Stardollar a day. Anyway, the new stuff released in the Starplaza are quite fulgy. Actually, they're very fugly.
Like this huge giant feather... I can't find a right occasion (perhaps Halloween or a masquerade) where you can "wear" it and not look like a complete nutcase.

And some people are tired of Stardoll re-colouring clothes and items.
Like this bag for example. Similar right? Very similar.
Or the dress.. it looks exactly the same as the Russian Rocks dress.
When will Stardoll learn...? We HATE re-colouring. We want new items!

Saturday, February 7, 2009 , 6:39 AM
Face Hearts- JUST What I Need!

So here I am, making my way over to the Starplaza, hoping to find that some cool clothes were released, and what do I see you ask? Definitely NOT cool clothes. Face Hearts! Yipee! Not. Look at these ghastly things! It looks like your MeDoll's eyes (hearts) are popping out of their sockets! I find it HIGHLY unattractive. I mean, the Valentine sunglasses were pushing it a little, but this? And no, my Medoll's head did not show up like that in the Plaza, I pasted it on there :) So what do you guys think about these horrendous face hearts? Can I catch you wearing them on Valentine's Day? :D
-Hayley :]

Songs (Shuffled)
The Guess Who -American Woman
Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way
Alice Cooper - Poison
Kiss - Heaven's On Fire
Aerosmith - Dude Looks Like A Lady
Blondie - One Way Or Another
Bon Jovi - You Give Love A Bad Name, Livin' On A Prayer
Pat Benatar - Heartbreaker
Michael Jackson - Beat It
Anouk - Good God
Kent - Vinternoll2
The Beatles - Nowhere Man, Help!, Twist And Shout
The Ramones - Rock N Roll High School

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