Monday, February 23, 2009 , 7:07 PM

Yupp yupp!

Saturday, February 21, 2009 , 7:08 PM
POP Art . . .

The new idea of a fashion line from stardoll is POP Art! I think the theme and idea of it is great but they could have done SO much better with the items of clothing that came into this collection. The Plastic Dog really brings out the pop art theme but some others just really don't fit in. ( I know this because I am currently studying Pop Art in my art classes!)

The wideleg trousers really don't mix in with the collection. If there is ever a Hippy collection these are sure to make the cut.

The scrunched baloon dress ONLY looks like a Pop Art creation with the red belt is has been customized with.

I also can't see how the Batman costume is ANYTHING to do with Pop Art. Halloween is back ... 8 months early!

I can see however, how the Super Herona Dress fits in. The colour is striking and when I see it I think Pop Art!

Well done for the idea Stardoll but maybe you could have researched a wee bit more

Just to finish off, I need to apologize for not posting in way too long. trust me, it is hard to write when the thing you are writing about is just so UNinteresting!


Casey xx

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 , 3:42 PM
Same dress, different prices...

If someone wanted to buy this item, which one do you think they'll choose? The one that costs 9 Stardollars or the exact identical one but for a cheaper price?
It's probably just a glitch cause the names are different... But still.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 , 2:30 PM
No posts?

The last post was posted 7 days ago? That was a week ago. What the hell just happened? I don't know about Erik & Casey but I've been very very very bored with Stardoll. There's practically nothing to do! Plus, my stupid PS stopped working. Boo.

I've spent my Spring break watching old Gilmore Girls episode and Hells Kitchen, being lazy, tried to read a book, played chess with my little bro (he won both times), target practice with a soft air gun in the hallway (not a good idea. Those bullets will bounce back at you!) watched Blades of Glory 4-5 times, amongst other stuff. Basically, a very uneventful week.
Now that the break is over it's back to the daily routine (not the weekend though, that's a different story). Wake up, get dressed, eat, catch the bus, catch the tram, arrive at school, school work, catch the tram, catch the bus, home sweet home, eat, surf the web/watch tv (Judge Judy at 18:30, Dr Phil at 19:00 two weekday shows that we almost never miss. Although Dr Phil is an a-hole, some topics are very interesting) watch tv some more and go to bed. In the circle of life!!!! It's the wheel of fortune!!! It's the leap of faith!!! OK, I'll stop quoting the oh-so-catchy song. The Lion King forever!!!

Oh and more posts to come... I'm sure;)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 , 6:30 PM
Stardoll did it again...

A new writer and guess who it is? Model-Selena.
Hhhhmmm... I wonder what Stardoll is up to. I find it kinda fishy... Or maybe not.
Ugh I don't know... My brain isn't just working today.

, 5:15 PM
The Little Pink Shop . . .

A new shop in the Starplaza... unfortunately they have just used onld items with a sprinkle of new one's and valentine's magic! The shop is themed around Valentine's day * there's a shocker!* and for the first time in....... let's just say a while!...... I am pleased with stardoll * now that is a shock!* yes, the little bears are just adorable! Gosh, a 15 year old should so not be saying that! You've done me proud Stardoll!

It feels awfully nice to be able to say something good about stardoll! Btw, hello to our new writer! Amazing first post I thought! Sorry, as I am writing this your name has dissappeared from my mind so apologies to you!

Well That's it for now My Friends!

Casey x

Monday, February 9, 2009 , 9:49 PM

Hello everyone! Yep, you saw it right: There's a new writer at Oh the Nuisance. I am Erik, also known as Fashion.Fantasy on stardoll. I am really happy that I was chosen to be the new writer, and I will do my very best to keep you updated.

Also, today there was a new post from Singingmermaid in the stardoll magazine. It is about the winner of the competition she held. Dont know what I am talking about? Don't worry, I'll explain. Something like a week ago she made a post about The paris Couture Shows. She showed pictures. and at the end of the post there was this: "I would like you to join me in a Stardoll Couture Guestbook Party on Saturday 31st January. Dress your medoll up in a look inspired by either the new Chanel, Dior or Givenchy show. Save your medoll, then let me know in my gb, which will be open for 1 hour starting from 9pm GMT (4pm for users in the USA)
My top 5 best outfits will be featured in a Stardoll official blog, which means thousands of people visiting your suite!! Remember to use all your creativity and look to the minishop for possible items you could use.Let’s bring Couture to Stardoll. Let’s Create!!"
And today she announced the winners! I am really happy for one of my good friends Clare/Cltreanor, as she is the big winner. This is what Singingmermaid said: "When I came across this page I couldn't believe my eyes.
Cltreanor has not only created the most fabulous couture gown (and 2 other possibilities), she had gone and built an entire runway too! For sheer effort alone, I think she deserves Top Prize. However, the detailing in her gown is exquisite, right down to the floral petticoat. Congratulations on being the WINNER! Please contact me in my GB, to recieve your Prize."

This is the dress that Clare designed:

The other 4 winner, that did not get a real prize, were:
Audreyhep4, Singinmermaid said: "This simple Chanel creation was my personal fave. Audreyhep4, captured the shape and silhouette of the outfit perfectly. The boxy shoulders look structured and very modern. All this from a few table cloths. Also, I love the diagonal plate she used as a hat. SIMPLE YET STUNNING"
Pink-Penquin3, Singingmermaid said: "I really loved this floor length creation. Pink-Penguin actually tried to recreate the dress ANNA WINTOUR wore to the Superhero's Costume Institute Gala last year. I thought I fitted in beautifully with the Chanel couture show to.. Her attention to detail is superb. Capturing the scroll shaped pockets, pinstripe beading and those wild puffy shoulders. Oh, did I mention she also added the famous Wintour bob and stoney stare!! ELEGANT AND UNAFRAID"
Melissa54321, Singingmermaid said: "MELISSA54321 Chose this pretty fully skirted Chanel as her outfit. I can almost feel the softness of the chiffon as she cature the delicate ruffle so well. Top marks for the neck detailing and the headwear. Perfect shape, styling and extra marks for setting the scene with front row seats. SOFT AND SO FEMININE"
AYFAIRY, Singingmermaid said: "WIth Lady Gaga running around in her underwear (in the freezing snow!!), I had to give the thumbs up for this seductive barely-there outfit from the Givenchy Couture show. It is a daring choice but It has paid off for Ayfairy. I love the cape. The little shorts are made from tiny christmas baubles, you've gotta love that. CHEEKY BUT CHIC."
Thats it for now, I hope you enjoyed my first post.

, 7:04 PM
A celeb logo?!? + New gifts!

Ok, this logo is quite new right? Cause I don't remember the Hannah-Montana club ever having a logo. (Or maybe I'm mistaken...?)
I thought it was against Stardolls strict rules?
I know that clubs that had celeb logos uploaded before those rules were set still has the logos...(Ok, a very twisted sentence.. but you get what I mean right?)
So what..? The Hannah-Montana club gets extra special treatments cause it's a huge club or what?
Please correct me if I'm wrong..

OMG! I can't wait! New gifts?! They look so adorable!

, 9:38 AM
A Huge Giant Feather Anyone?

Stardoll has been quite boring lately and I have only logged in to get my 1 Stardollar a day. Anyway, the new stuff released in the Starplaza are quite fulgy. Actually, they're very fugly.
Like this huge giant feather... I can't find a right occasion (perhaps Halloween or a masquerade) where you can "wear" it and not look like a complete nutcase.

And some people are tired of Stardoll re-colouring clothes and items.
Like this bag for example. Similar right? Very similar.
Or the dress.. it looks exactly the same as the Russian Rocks dress.
When will Stardoll learn...? We HATE re-colouring. We want new items!

Saturday, February 7, 2009 , 6:39 AM
Face Hearts- JUST What I Need!

So here I am, making my way over to the Starplaza, hoping to find that some cool clothes were released, and what do I see you ask? Definitely NOT cool clothes. Face Hearts! Yipee! Not. Look at these ghastly things! It looks like your MeDoll's eyes (hearts) are popping out of their sockets! I find it HIGHLY unattractive. I mean, the Valentine sunglasses were pushing it a little, but this? And no, my Medoll's head did not show up like that in the Plaza, I pasted it on there :) So what do you guys think about these horrendous face hearts? Can I catch you wearing them on Valentine's Day? :D
-Hayley :]

Friday, February 6, 2009 , 8:57 AM
SD writers...

As some of you might know (or don't know) there is a new writer for the Stardoll Magazine.
I've been looking through the comments and it seems like a lot of people are:
#1 Pissed and jealous
#2 Advertising their sale (I know shocking....)
#3 Complaining that the new writer can't spell.

Sure everyone makes spelling mistakes sometimes but you'd think Stardoll would double check the spelling and grammar. Or simply use the "spell-checker."
I rarely read the Stardoll Mag. so I don't really care if she starts writing in Chinese.
Some people understand why Singingmermaid was chosen to write for the mag. but who is this Pedroemarcela anyway? I've never heard of her. Have you? Is she like a designer in Stardoll?

Someone asked her how she got invited to write for the SD Mag. her answer?
"Cause I'm a great member."
Sorry but I chuckled when I saw that... Define a great member. Someone who owns large clubs? Someone who owns all the DKNY, RARES and Hot Buys? Someone who has tons of friends and actually keep in contact with them? Someone who has never ever been reported once?

Like I said before... I rarely read the mag. so I don't care who they "hire" but it will be exciting to see more of her posts in the future.
Singingmermaid has so far written two posts since she started several weeks ago.

Thursday, February 5, 2009 , 6:55 PM
Friend Requests

A very quick one from me! I'm so sorry to everyone I declined. I actually ACCIDENTALLY declined your friend-requests because of the new "tabs/buttons." I'm so used to clicking the left button to accept requests and right to deny (I kinda do that automatically).. it seems like Stardoll flipped the buttons.
Like I said again, I'm sorry. I accept ALL friend requests as long you follow the friend-request guidelines that everyone has. I don't want you to think I'm arrogant or anything!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 , 5:23 PM
New DKNY Released!

Yes, we have waited and now finally the wait isver. Gosh, Don't I wish I hadn't been so excited! It really is dissappointing and I am sad that it couldn't be better. The only thing that did blow me away were the boots. Oh, and the graphics! They are stunning. Pity they couldn't be used on some better clothes! The most expensive item is 18 stardollars and it aint that amazing

Agh, a disappointing arrival but a lot of hard work must have gone into them so Congrats' Stardoll!

Casey x

, 1:09 PM
Terrible Hot Buys

So far all the new Hot Buys has also been for non-Superstars, the bad thing is they're really not that nice at all. I should just shut up and be happy that they're availabe for everyone right? But nah. Now that all the fugly Hot Buys has been released and they're available for EVERYONE, the Hot Buys that I actually want and like will be only available for Superstars. Isn't that how Stardoll work? Just like the last time...
They released a few (wasn't everyone thrilled when you didn't see the star at the side) non-Superstar Hot Buys but they weren't really that great at all... Then the good stuff comes and they brand it Superstar.
I'm just hoping that the cardigan and t-shirt will not fall under the Superstar category but I highly doubt it.

Urk! Oh my god! These boots are fugly!

Monday, February 2, 2009 , 9:51 PM

Am I the only one who hates the Cowgirl/ Western clothing line? It's inspired by Britney Spears and all, but its just AWFUL! It's boring, unorignal and just. ugh!

Also the new Hot Buys collar looks like a dead ferret has been skinned, Hot Buy or not Hot Buy I ain't buying it!

Also, I only just realized the new Broadcasting thingy! Ha Ha! You can;t just write you have to pick words... It's quite annoying don't ya think?

All for now, folks!


Sunday, February 1, 2009 , 8:17 PM

I haven't found a "What You're Wearing is Criminal"-doll yet... and to be honest, I haven't really been looking.
The results for the last doll is:
(Voting over the course of 7 days)
Hell Yeah!! 90% (61 votes)
No Way... 10% (7 votes)

Seems like the majority thought what she wore was criminal.

I came across this medoll and it scared me. He looks possessed! If you're reading this, I do NOT think your medoll lacks style or anything I just found it very scary. I guess that was the look you were going for.

, 5:03 PM
Halloween already?

I know there is a certain style called "Goth".. there are only a few who can pull off the goth-like look in my book. Amy Lee for instance.
But these items released in the Starplaza looks dreadful! Just like the dreadlocks... (no wonder they're called dreadlocks) What the hell is on top of the head? Looks like a pair of goggles.
And the dress is something a witch would wear, the fur jacket only makes you look like an ape-man and the corset top looks freaky as hell (I find all religious symbols scary actually) but the tube top doesn't look that bad actually.
Have you bought any of the new items?

, 7:45 AM
OK, another one on the glamhoe

First of all this picnik thing or whatever it's called.. never heard of it. You found out cause one of the haters found it OK. Fine, even if I used picnik what's the problem?
You think you know I use picnik cause of the font? Bitch, there is something called "Downloading fonts from the web" everyone does it. Everyone with a BRAIN knows that.
Hahahaha, you're just making yourself looks so ridiculous.
And yes, my medoll is freaking fab. I love it! And yours? Ah.. it just looks the same as any other wannabe out on Stardoll.
You're just upset cause I found out it was you spamming my cbox with perverted comments. And I have proof out it... can you please then explain how come the ip-addresses are the same? Yes, cause it was you. You were upset that I didn't reply quickly right?
Oh you wrote "Call me a hoe, call me a bitch, takes one to know one." on your blog.
I guess it's true you know.. I mean you anonymously wrote "¤fuck your mom ¤i bet your pen*s was tasty too ¤your moms **** is whatever" I guess you'd know right?

This is the last post I'm ever posting about you, cause guess what? I'm only giving you more hits on your pathetic blog.
It seems like you have a lot of haters on Stardoll already...

I congratulate you on your so called success. Success on being a fake, obviously dumb, liar, and uncreative. Bitch you won the prize. Wooohooo! Success all the way.

Au revoir

P.S. I know who made the layout. And it ain't you.
"Save the drama for your mama" is sooooo 5 years ago. Get updated.
"UGLY you aint got no alibi.." are you kidding? What are you 6?

Everyone... bow to the queen of Uncreativeness. It seems like you've been doing it to a lot of "high profile" members on Stardoll according to some people. Like Puccapo, ide, and Hunnigall perhaps? uh oh.. someone has been a bad.
Shame on you. Seems like you're the bitch around here. Not me.
You're the pathetic one going around Stardoll asking people to make you graphics. Several people. Why can't YOU do it yourself for a change?


BTW people... we have chosen another writer for the blog. We'll let you know later. I honestly can't believe glamhoe actually applied. I thought this blog sucked??


I knew I saw the layout before AND the intro.
Proof here: she can't even make her own introduction.


Now please, I'll ignore YOU and you ignore ME. End of story. I'm so sick and tired of this.

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