Saturday, January 31, 2009 , 6:23 PM
DKNY Spring: Boring?

Does it impress you? It kinda looks boring in my opinion... I was expecting something more... I dunno. Different? But the shoes looks pretty good!
Click Here.

, 4:32 PM
I'm so DAMN jealous on glamourhoe!

From glamourhoes blog "your just jealous of my success you just had to bring it down."
Yes, a little update about her... apparently I'm jealous of her success.. I didn't know she was an astronaut?!
By the way, what does "Stardoll success" do to your REAL life...? Are you one of those insecure girls who seeks attention online? Seems like it. I think it's pathetic that you even think I'm jealous of something that doesn't even affect the world in any way.
Bitch, it seems like you're jealous of me. "Can you do me a favor?" "Can you make this for me?" "Can I ask you a question?" "Can you make graphics for my magazine?"
You haven't achieved success yet bitch! Just cause you have a blog followed by.. what 23 followers doesn't make you successful. Being a doctor or lawyer maybe... but not owning a Stardoll blog.

Anyway, I'm so jealous... I'm so freaking full of jealousy.

P.S I think the images I provided before shows what kind of a person you are.
"You'll be more popular in Stardoll!"- Like I give a shit.
Oh and your layout... did you know that it's not nice to uncredit the person who actually made it?! And I've never even heard of "picnik"... sounds like something you use eh?

Someone who thinks Stardoll is THAT important actually needs a life.. meaning her. She takes Stardoll waaaaaay too serious. I think you should take your own advice. Get a life.

, 8:25 AM
glamourqueen a total uncreative bitch!

I'm amazed! After practically STALKING me for a week, asking me favors you do this?
I can't believe that you're actually THAT dumb! There is something called ip address missy. Now, I'm not the kind of person who likes to trash-talk but I'll have to make an exception... This following posts shows how fake some people are on Stardoll and apparently how stupid they can be!
She even copied our "writers" section... I mean look at this! It's practically identical! And this blog had it FIRST. And she says this blog sucks yet she copies from it! Get your own ideas bitch! I kinda find it funny how all three of them looks the same.

Please read these, and you'll understand why she's such a fake and a total bitch.


What a complete idiot! Look at the IP!!

And yes, glamourhoe, I'm deleting the comments in my cbox. Good luck with YOUR pathetic blog, and YES you're a wannabe elite. Just face it. Throw bananas at her folks. She deserves it.

Thursday, January 29, 2009 , 12:56 PM
More like CoverMAN!

What do you people think about todays Covergirl? Or should I say CoverMAN!
I mean look at the stubble. Ew, now that's nasty.
So sorry but there hasn't been any news lately....

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 , 8:58 AM

Yippie doo dah! We have reached our 20th follower! For some people it's nothing but for us it's a big deal!

Our 20th follower is Santenne.Katogo and she also has her own blog. Check it out here.
Strolling down memory lane, we find Lettie97. Our first ever follower! Click here for her profile.

And thanks to EVERYONE in between!

You might have noticed some changes in the blog (minor ones) like the Golden Girls section. Nope, not like the show but it sure is a refrence. And "Blabber of the Week"- person who has commented the most that week. Click the image to get to her suite!

, 7:40 AM
Britney Spears Music Video contest

I couldn't find a catchier name and to be honest, I couldn't be bothered^____^
Click the picture for more info.

Monday, January 26, 2009 , 1:43 AM
Okay... Ummm...

I decided to drop by my dear friend Emma (mysecketlover)'s suite, only to find this.
A naked Medoll without a mouth... Interesting to say the least. I don't know what this is, I mean, it did take awhile for her suite to load but not that long. Do any of you readers have any explanations...?
-Hayley :] Btw, one of you asked who I was on Stardoll and I am surfsandandsun (:

Sunday, January 25, 2009 , 5:43 PM
Problems Wanted!

CHIC Magazine want people who have a problem that they need solving to contact them to be part of the advice column. If you have a problem with a boy or a friend or anything else they want you to email or contact them! You can email them at or contact ultimategirlz.

You dont have to use your stardoll name if you would prefer to be anonymous!

The deadline is closing soon so hurry!

Casey x

P.s I love the new issue of S4A magazine! It's great!

, 3:27 PM
January Issue Out Now!

The new issue is out now... I must say, we weren't really pleased with it. We kinda rushed it. Anyhoo, if you want to read it click here.

(But be aware that the issue is really really short compared to previous ones released) And remember comments are greatly appreciated. Over at Superstar4all and here.

Saturday, January 24, 2009 , 12:40 AM
Welcome Back Yin And Yang?!

Yin and Yang, back for Chinese New Year? That's right folks, they've been on Stardoll before! I remember dressing them up when I was a non superstar, back in 2007. I guess Stardoll took them off their site and brought them back. Weird, huh? Stardoll is trying to make this Chinese New Year special by bringing back Chinese clothes in the Starplaza (clothes are in Anna's post below) and bringing back Yin and Yang. How do you call that special when they're releasing stuff that's already been released before?! So everyone, like Stardoll is telling us, Go celebrate Chinese New Year this weekend! (:

-Hayley :]

Thursday, January 22, 2009 , 8:56 AM
Chinese in the Starplaza

Chinese themed outfits were released this morning! All the dresses are of course only available for Superstars, us non-Superstars gets to have the hat, the belt and so forth. But how can we use these accessories WITHOUT the actual dress/outfit?

I mean look at the men's trousers. Yes they're available for everyone but the jackets aren't. How can a person get the complete outfit WITHOUT the jacket?
Aggh! Damn those mother chuckers!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 , 7:51 PM

Okay, Stardoll, PLEASE do something interesting soon! I mean, yes, the hotbuys are gorgey but as a non-supestar I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored! Yes That Bored!
Agh, I do complain awful lot don't I? HaHa!

I will try... really really try to find something positive to write about! I promise!

Casey x

, 10:58 AM
What The?!?

Oh my... Is this really wearable? I don't think anyone would buy it for 6 Stardollars. Maybe 2 but not 6. I'm speachless...

, 8:05 AM
February Hot Buys are truly Hot!

Oh my effing god! I love the February Hot Buys! I love the skull t-shirt, I love the cardigan, I love the belt, I love the skirt. Long story short: I LOVE the new Hot Buys! A lot of print and a lot of purple which I love!
I'm just hoping that the t-shirt and cardigan will be available for non-Superstars aswell... Oh please Stardoll, please!!!

, 8:03 AM
Another Hot Buy out!

A new January Hot Buy is out and it's the fabulous skirt! Unfortunately it's ONLY for Superstars, isn't it a shocker?!? I was being sarcastic but the price truly is a shocker! Or maybe not. Some of the items released lately has been quite pricey so I shouldn't be surprised. The price folks is 12 Stardollars. Having only 47 Stardollars at this moment (I know it's much for an average Non-Superstar but compared to the average Superstar, I think it's quite little) 12 Stardollars is just waaay too much.

, 7:59 AM
Styling Studio

It seems like the link for the Styling Studio is out (but it isn't on the Design tab yet). As predicted, it's only available for the Superstahs and costs 8 Stardollahs to save. Try it out here.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 , 12:59 AM
You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!

Stardoll these days. Seriously!
For those of you who haven't scooted your booty down to the Starplaza, do so now!
Are you back?
Do you believe what you saw?!
Stardoll has YET AGAIN released the following clothing items...
And to what theme? The slumber party theme? That's weird, because in no way do these clothes look like you could wear them to a sleepover.
At LEAST they're not rares. I mean, yes, you could consider the white Paris dress a rare, but I don't believe it's TOO rare.
And what's with the Chriqui belt? It's basically like a red fish thrown into a pond of blue ones. By that I mean it does not go with the colors that were released.
Very weird Stardoll, very weird. Then again you never know what to expect from Stardoll! :P
-Hayley :]

Monday, January 19, 2009 , 7:35 PM

As they Say " A new E in the frame" and too right I agree! Eternity is transforming into Edge and I can't wait!
To be honest Edge DEFINATELY sounds more like a teen fashion magazine and I am really excited!

Are you?

Casey x

, 6:04 PM
Writer Wanted!

I'm going to be really busy these coming weeks with school. Unfortunately. Actually I shouldn't be saying that. We should all be happy that we have the opportunity to go to school. Imagine all the children in third world countries who actually WANTS to go to school but can't afford it. Imagine all the children who WALKS several miles just to go to school while we sit in our comfy car seats or the warm busses.

Ok, enough with the preaching. I'll just get to the point. The point is we want another writer for the blog. Someone who can spell, knows how to use blogger, knows the "in" crowd of Stardoll and someone who ISN'T writing for 2 or more blogs. Just write down why you want to write for the blog and why you're perfect for the job.

Saturday, January 17, 2009 , 10:00 AM
What You're Wearing is Criminal!

We're back with another criminal!
The outfit isn't entirely horrible (it isn't great either) but I'm not really sure what kind of "style" it is. Is it a preppy look? Emo? Goth? Sporty? Nerdy? Bohemian? I know these are all labels but we can't help but label people based on how they look and dress. Don't deny it! If you see someone dressed all black with heavy eyeshadow, you think "oh, she must be emoish/gothish/whatever."
The girly/preppy outfit doesn't really match with her accessories. The spike-collar and the pink earrings just doesn't go together.
Yes, I know there's a "punk-princessy" style (like Avril Lavigne) but her whole look just doesn't do it.

A total of 42 votes.

35 people said "Hell Yes!" (83.33%)
7 people said "No Way..." (16.67%)


, 6:12 AM
Hey Everyone!

My absence from this amazing blog is an explainable one.

I was moving. And of course, when you move you don't have internet. Which means I had no access to here or Stardoll.

I'm SO sorry to Anna, and all of you guys. :P

But now, I'm back! And will be posting as much as I possibly can!

AND I might be getting Photoshop, which is even better! (:

Well, I'm glad to be back to blog and chat with everyone!

-Hayley :]

Friday, January 16, 2009 , 7:33 PM

No I do not need help! S ( SAME).O(OLD).S(STARDOLL)... You can probably guess what I am on about or maybe not... The hot buys! Back to superstar and to start the major BACKSTABBING! The dress... Major gorgeyness but obviously it costs a ridiculous price and is only availabe for superstar's. Sigh.. Story of my stardoll life!

Gosh... I really cant find anything positive to write! Trust me! If you want to try be my guest!

Thats it for now Folks!

Casey x

Thursday, January 15, 2009 , 5:47 PM
Things I Regret Selling....

I was just going through my Starbazaar, looking at the things I've sold in the past and let me tell you... I feel so dumb but most of all angry for selling some things so cheap when I could've be paid so much more!
I was very new to the whole Starbazaar thing and I didn't know that some of the things I had were quite sought after.
Like the Pink Ribbon by Primp! I can't believe I only sold it for 5 Stardollars! And I had that sweater since 2006 I believe... I definitely regret selling it the most.
And the Rolling Stones t-shirt. How many of those have you seen around Stardoll?
And the Punk Tights were also sought after (before the re-release of course). And people were willing to pay 60 SD for them.
I have a lot of stuff I regret selling and not just these that you see below...
Do you have any items you regret selling?

And tomorrow, I might do "Things I Regret Buying". Now make my day and follow the blog or comment. You people are so quite. Or else I'll poke you! Seriously.

Songs (Shuffled)
The Guess Who -American Woman
Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way
Alice Cooper - Poison
Kiss - Heaven's On Fire
Aerosmith - Dude Looks Like A Lady
Blondie - One Way Or Another
Bon Jovi - You Give Love A Bad Name, Livin' On A Prayer
Pat Benatar - Heartbreaker
Michael Jackson - Beat It
Anouk - Good God
Kent - Vinternoll2
The Beatles - Nowhere Man, Help!, Twist And Shout
The Ramones - Rock N Roll High School

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