Wednesday, December 31, 2008 , 7:08 PM
Free Dress

Most of you already now about this but for those of you who don't, go over to the Starplaza and get the Lurex Tank Top Dress, DKNY for free! And you know how we all love free stuff!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 , 9:43 PM
Stardoll, Can You See?

Stardoll are dishing out loads of new ah-mazing superstar dresses, but obviously all the non-superstar's out there are showing them that there stuff is better... way better!
Ok, yes I know I am a superstar, but I am totally against it. "Why did you get it then?" I hear you chorus... Please don't ask, I really can't remember, ok!
Yes, back to the point. Well at the time I am writing this, every item in the most popular section in the starplaza is NON-SUPERSTAR.....

Now I am sure Stardoll will take note of this and realize, Non-Superstar is so much better! And Bam! Everything will be available for EVERYONE....
Dream on people

Enuff from me
Talk soon
Casey xx

, 3:21 PM

Hi, just a quick not to say, well basically I just said it, hi! I'm Casey and I am the new writer here at Oh The Nuisance. I am also known as Vouge.Is.Me on stardoll, so feel free to add me...

That is basically it from me, I will be posting soon though, to tell you everything you could ever want to know about Stardoll!

Casey xx

Monday, December 29, 2008 , 10:39 AM
Stupid Girls

"Oh where, oh where, have the smart people gone? Oh where, oh where could they be?" My fingers are hurting from playing Guitar Hero this morning so I thought I'd just login on Stardoll to check my messages. And it seems like I'm getting more hate mails lately... well actually two in two days.
I found this one comical and it actually made my day so I thought I'd share it with you people.

I also find it funny that people who you never even talked to before starts sending you weird hate mails. Ugh. Apparently she thinks I'm stupid. You know what, maybe I am. But at least I know when to use YOUR and YOU'RE. So stupid girl right back at you!

Sunday, December 28, 2008 , 10:49 AM
A Sack Anyone?

Finally. New dresses. And I'm 99.9% sure they're not re-releases.
I adore the Filippa Party Dress and I probably would've bought it by now if I were Superstar.
I'm not going to sit here and "evaluate" the dresses, giving you tips on where, when and why you should wear it. Why? Because they're virtual. You're medoll doesn't wonder off to go shopping or anything like that. So I can't exactly tell you "when" your medoll should wear it.
Anyway, the Misha Minidress and the Tijana Evening dress is also a favourite.

Out of the 11 dresses only 0 is available for everyone. You're probably thinking that I'm bitching too much about the whole Non-Superstar thing but how could I not?

Have you bought any of the dresses? If so which ones?

"What are we (our medoll) supposed to wear? A sack?"
Quote from *Sweet_Love*

, 10:26 AM
A Post?

Yes a post! I've been very busy this week and haven't really had the chance to turn the computer on, you know with Christmas
and everything?!? I've also been playing Guitar Hero (World Tour) non-stop! It's addicting! I hope your Christmas was great and you've got what you wished for!
I have chosen a new writer for the blog, trust me, it was very hard to choose from so many great writers. Do you want to know who it is? Really? Oh well, if you really want to know... it's Vouge.Is.Me! Keep your eyes wide open cause she'll be posting in no time!

Monday, December 22, 2008 , 2:11 PM
Who looks the best?

This Holiday giveaway dress is by far the best one! I bought mine a while ago in the Starplaza when I was randomly looking for a black-dress. Voila! It was there!

Anyway, I've seen a few people around wearing the dress and here are the first three people I found.
Who looks the best? Do you go for simple, yet sassy? Or are you an accessory-queen?

, 12:41 PM
Cos I'm cooler than the red dress

Or should I say dresses? Why are Stardoll re-releasing clothes ALL the time?! Are they getting lazy? Sure the Arabian Nights theme is new but who would actually wear it? I've only seen a few people who actually bought something from the Arabian Nights line.

Anyway, back to the dresses. A few of them are gorgeous but old. Does anyone know if the one with the oversized flower is old? Cause I don't remember seeing it before...

The only thing I can purchase as a non-superstar is the oh-so tacky reddish-orangish dress with the black "lines" (I don't know what to call it.) Couldn't they at least made half of them available for everyone? I really hope Stardoll would just wake-up and smell the coffee... we DON'T want re-releases unless they are old RARES or DKNY. End of story.

"A girl's entitled to flaunt... To get what she wants... Can't say that it's wrong... No baby..."

Saturday, December 20, 2008 , 1:20 PM

Nothing really big to post about today... I went over to Vivienne Tam's suite you know, just to dress her up and ruin her suite (I'm sure EVERYONE has done that to a Real Celeb). I zoomed in on her medoll and guess what? Her hair (apparently a virtual wig) turned into a great big stache. Yes a loooong moustache! If you're wondering, yes I'm terribly bored right now and I'm easily amused. But still, now we know that if "femstache" ever gets trendy, Vivienne Tam will look good.

Oh and people! If you're intrested in writing for the blog please tell me in the "comment box" NOT on the Tagboard.

Friday, December 19, 2008 , 3:45 PM
Elizabeth and James

Yes, I know it's old news but I had to say something about it anyway. WONDERFUL! I love everything about it except the "Plume Skirt." Wasn't that skirt a Hot Buy a couple of months ago or am I mistaken? Either way, I think it's ghastly... it looks like something that Russell Crowe would wear in Gladiator. That skirt gets a thumbs down, but the rest are simply gorgeous. Oh I just remember. The high boots, I believe it's called the "Tall Boots" also goes in my crap list. I irk everytime I see it. Honestly.
I can't believe I'm saying this but E&J is relatively cheap. I mean compared to Philosophy, LE, and Decades. There's only one thing keeping Elizabeth and James from being perfect- Only for Superstars. If only we could show Stardoll our puppy dog eyes, pleading for REAL BRANDS to be available for everyone, then maybe they will give in? It always worked for Michelle in Full House.

, 3:43 PM
The Secret of Moonacre on Stardoll

Dakota Blue Richard and Augustus Prew are now REAL CELEBS in Stardoll. But who really cares right? Most of the RC hasn't been on for months. I don't add RC as "friends" (I added Paulina but that was for the dogs sake.) Why you ask? Well, why add them? It's not like they talk you. They are busy people and they have BETTER things to do. Yes, it sounds very cruel, but it's the truth.
Anyway, if you are a fan of Dakota Blue and Augustus (two people with cool names! I don't know how they are as actors. I thought Augustus was the kid who sang "Shake your ass and watch yourself!" in About a Boy but apparently not. I was 10 or 11 when I watched the movie, so that was a long time ago. Plus, I found the movie very boring back then) add them. I'm not going to watch The Secret of Moonacre, because I despise movies that falls into the "Fantasy" genre.

, 2:08 PM

Hi everybody! Welcome to my new blog! Stardoll blogs are becoming extremely popular, most of them are active for about a week or so then forgotten by the owner and some actually has the patience to stick around blogging (even though the lack of people reading it) then eventually grows into a successful blog with many followers! One of the people I'm talking about is blonde_bum101... She started her blog The Stardoll Chronicles back in July and she was determined to make it successful and she did! It went from 3 followers to 11. Then 20 to 30.... and now she has 68 followers! That's what I call success!
I'm hoping this blog turns out successful and that I don't get lazy and quit after a couple of weeks. This blog will not only give YOU news and other shiznits but it will also improve MY English writing! Win-win!

Since we're using a custom template not a Blogger one, we can't add any applications or widgets. But thanks to Lettie97, she taught me that you don't actually need the Follwer widget, you can manually follow a blog. Through a simple process of course! I can't believe I didn't see it sooner!

# All you need to do is go to your Dashboard.
# Scroll down to your reading list.
# Click Add to enter our url (link.)
# Then click Next.
# Choose a following option.
# Click Follow then you're done.

You are now officially following Oh The Nuisance!

We don't need anymore blog-writers.

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